In addition to our already very full weekly line up of awesome events we are proud to feature a wide range of special events showcasng some incedible local talent. Check out some of Banff's finest..


As a passionate lover of both the art and skateboarding worlds it was a natural transition for Mark Carroll to combine his two passions. As a pioneer in custom skateboard design; Mark continues to broaden his horizons and is continuously recreating himself through his art work.

More recently gaining worldwide recognition and the support of the professional skateboarding community Mark is hard at work constantly bringing us new genius.

Shawn "Shawnyboy" MacMilan is a local abstract artist who is quoted as saying


"I fell face first into a bucket of paint, but instead of coming up grasping for air...I slammed by face back down in it and asked for more. I still can't breathe, I still can't think and I'm more confused than ever.(but I asked for it)"


If only all of our confussion could be transformed into such artistic expression. A reletivly fresh face on the Banff art scene; Shawn is making quite a name for himself and we couldn't be prouder to be along for the ride!!!


A new addition to the lineup of incredibly talented artists we’ve been fortunate enough to work with; Trevor Kinch is a majorly talented photographer specializing in ghost town and urban exploration photography. A northern Ontario native Trevor developed his love of abandoned places early in life exploring the old mining towns.

Now based out of Banff National Park Trevor continues to transform what others may see as ordinary into stunning, captivating photographs. 

In his own words, Trevor “continues to hunt down the forgotten places littering the

country side and tries to keep growing as a photographer and urban explorer”

We can’t wait to see what comes next.